Monday, August 17, 2009

Behind pink walls, somewhere there's a blog

ARGH. I forgot to bring my camera cord, which means no uploading of photos until I get back. I'm taking them like a mad thing, though sadly I did not catch the dyslexic bus labeled "Colectivo Moerlia," being at the time too busy trying to both process the semiotics of a Mexican-style chibi Virgin of Guadalupe helium balloon and not spill my gaspacho, a cupful of chopped jicama, mango, and pineapple mixed with lemon and lime juice and layered with salt, chili pepper, and finely shredded queso blanco, a snack so sublimely juicy and generously scooped that it's served in a cup inside a plastic bag.

TRAVEL IS SO MUCH FUN, Y'ALL. And I shouldn't shout, because it's annoying and it makes the altitude headache (which, fine, I am an outlier for having one at a measly 6,000 feet, but oh God knowing that does not help) worse. But they make the Coke here with pure cane sugar instead of our agrosubsidized corn syrup, and I've seen a dude with a mullet dyed electric blue, and the Key limes stuffed with sugared coconut cost about ten cents. Some shouting is warranted. VIVA!


4mastjack said...

I saw a bus once, in the early 70s, somewhere on the long drive between El Paso TX and Toledo OH, with GREYHONUD on the side.

And, oh, I'm outlying there right with you on the altitude headaches. I felt like shit the whole time I was in Albuquerque, which is about a thousand feet lower than Morelia.

3pennyjane said...

You know, the Albuquerque metric is useful, because I was fine when I was there, so that suggests my window is around 6,000 feet. Makes for a gharstly day or so, doesn't it?

The inestimable RockNinja and I are in a hotel that should really be the setting for a Zorro film, what with all the climbing flowers and arched terraces. It'd be the Act II section where he runs into the heroine in the midst of escaping the Guardia Civil, and it's convenient to both the local plaza (where the Act III climactic confrontation with the corrupt alcalde occurs) and a Sanborn's, whither hero and heroine could repair afterward for helados and light shopping during the denouement.

Spotted Sparrow said...


More food posts to torture me and the absence of Mexican food in my life. Enjoy the food, shopping, and sights!

Anonymous said...

mother, what? key limes stuffed with sugared coconut? forget Chichicapa, I need a dozen of thozens.

Keep mine away from RockNinja, since withdrawl makes us do badthings.

3pennyjane said...

I b'lieve they gut the lime and boil it in azucar before stuffing it with coconut; if that affects your decision, speak with quickness.

One popular local treat is fruit frozen onner stick and dipped in a bright red liquid made of pickled chili-spiced fruit. A certain cognitive dissonance ensues when food is this good and yet relatively healthy.

Anonymous said...

bring it all back, all of it, by the bushel.

3pennyjane said...

Current chichicapa batting average: not good. Limas con coco it is. Possibly other culinary exotica of a sweet sort. Happy food encounters du jour included a strawberry licuado with cinnamon and a taco de carnitas that was minced as soon as I ordered it, then topped with pickled jalapenos and carrots. My God, it's full of nom!

Also seen, but not purchased, due to vague queasy feelings: large amounts of semi-discreetly displayed Santa Muerte paraphernalia. The line between ironical pretensions to bad-assery and actual scary gun-owning bad-assery is infinitely harder to read abroad and IMO the signifiers of same are trifled with at one's peril. Cajeta lollipops are a safer bet.